My Designs


It all started with one design. I was working as a freelance graphic artist for a tee-shirt design company. The owner of the company told me she was thinking of working on a series of designs based on women in the Bible (Tanakh). I created one design, as a sample, as it were, and, in the meantime, her business moved away. I was left with a design and nothing to do with it.

Over the years, I looked for ways of creating this design on a tee shirt, but everything I found was beyond my means.

A number of years later, a friend of mine introduced me to Cafe Press, a site she had found in her meanderings around the internet. Cafe Press gave me a place where I could express myself artistically. From the first design (of Miriam and the Women of Israel singing and dancing at the Red Sea), my Cafe Press shop has grown to include dozens of designs on hundreds of products.

To Cafe Press, I added Zazzle (which allowed me to add more products, including neck ties), Printfection (which has cutting boards among other things), PrintPop (which has mostly posters), Arts Now (which has watches and purses and many other products), and Spoonflower (which sells custom designed fabric, wallpaper and decals).

There are links to my shops, but if you pull down one of the categories under here, you can see samples of the products I sell and you can click on the pictures to link to the shops.


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